How can you find a great loan for your business? How can you make your application attractive to lenders?

After determining the reasons for your loan, we research several providers to find the best rates and terms and assist you with the application process. As a thriving business, we understand your need to seek funding for the next stage of your business. We are here to help you and your business succeed.

Business finance can involve any number of elements, from working capital requirements initial funding of a particular business or enterprise through to assessing the right finance method for purchase of plant, equipment and office equipment.

When considering a Business financing proposal, we take into account the financial requirements of the client and match that to an appropriate lender. We also consider the current interest rate climate, potential exit strategies and possible complications that may arise- all to get the best possible result for every client.

If you’re purchasing, developing or expanding a business, don’t make the mistake of consulting your bank or lender yourself, seek the advice of an independent operative who can assist in structuring your finance proposal.

Business loans are to help your business grow. There are a range of business loans with various features, credit policies and terms to suit your business needs and requirements. There may be a number of reasons for considering a business loan, the need could be purely for working capital or at the end of the month, you are short of cash waiting for customers to pay their invoices.

Talk to us about your requirements – Whether you need a one-off business loan or a line of credit, access to funds through debtor finance or funding for international trade. You may also choose between secured or unsecured business loans. We tailor flexible options and structure business loans to meet your needs.

Secured business loans are those lending products where the lender requires you to offer an asset as a security and where the value of the security is higher than the loan amount being sought. The most common assets for a business loan are residential and commercial properties and vacant land.

The notable benefit of a secured business loan is the lower interest rate it will attract. This is because secured business loans are less risky for lenders. Funds obtained through secured business loans can be used as a working capital and some lenders even allow for the funds to be used to pay ATO debts.

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