At First Vision Finance, we understand that working for yourself or running your own business is challenging – especially when looking for finance.

When you are self-employed, the documentation requirements to verify your income for a standard loan can be extensive. Unlike an employee drawing a wage from an employer, when you’re self-employed and looking to borrow money, lenders place greater scrutiny on your capacity to repay a loan.


In addition to standard documents, the Lender normally require your company bank statements, previous tax returns and other documents prepared by your accountant.

Self-employed or business borrowers do not have regular income streams and may not be in a position to provide current financial information as required by lenders. Those without full documentation may find it more suitable to access a ‘Low Doc’ loan.Low Doc loans allow you to provide alternative forms of income verification such as trading statements, business activity statements or an accountant’s declaration.
There are self-employed loans for different circumstances:

You may need an Owner Occupier Home Loan

Changing business situations or a better credit rating may lead you to refinancing.

Your business has set you up for Property Investment.

You are looking for a Business Loan to expand

Your situation requires a Special Purpose Loan.

No matter what your requirements are, First Vision Finance will make it EASIER.