The savings you’ve built up in your Superannuation Fund can be used to make investments in a range of asset classes.

By transferring your super to a new or established Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) the opportunity to use gearing to purchase property may become available.  SMSF can borrow funds for the purchase of income-producing retail, commercial, rural or specialised properties.

With commercial property, it may be possible for your SMSF to purchase a property that will be occupied by your business, as long as the rent is at market rates. Lending to a SMSF is available via a “Limited Recourse Borrowing Arrangement” which is a complex process

At First Vision Finance we can provide you with access to this highly specialised form of finance. As these loans are heavily regulated to ensure the retirement savings of superannuation fund members are protected, it is important that you receive appropriate financial, structuring, investment and legal advice from qualified professionals before purchasing any properties in your SMSF.

We will make your SMSF borrowing seamless.  We will work with your accountant, lawyer and or financial advisor to ensure that the necessary documents and processes are in place to successfully finance your SMSF investment property.

We have access to a variety of lenders that provide loan facilities for Self – Managed Superannuation Funds that looking to invest in either a residential or commercial property.