Property can be a significant cost for many businesses.  It is therefore important to efficiently manage such investment and maximise your business finance.

So, whether you’re looking to buy a new building, refinance your existing debt or release equity from your existing mortgage, First Vision Finance can source you a highly competitive lending product to suit your requirements, available from big banks to non-bank lenders without having the hassle. We can source lenders that use the commercial property itself as security or residential property as security (or a combination of both).

Commercial properties can be any building used for business purposes which includes Warehouses, Retail shops, Offices, Factories, Hotels/Motels etc.

Buying or Refinancing a commercial property is different to a residential property. Most Lenders requires a minimum contribution of 30% of the value of the property in the form of cash or equity. It also involves higher interest rates than a residential loan and can be very stressful for a borrower.

Risk appetite and credit policies are different for every lender and they all will assess your commercial property loan application accordingly. It can be quite a challenge to meet lender’s credit policies.  This is where First Vision Finance can help. We have the expertise and knowhow to make your commercial property investment process seamless by finding market leading rates, loan terms, and security structure to best suit your circumstances.

Are you…?

Purchasing a commercial property for investment purposes?

Refinancing a property, you already own? ​

Purchasing a building you are currently renting?

Looking to purchase a new business premise? ​

Make an appointment and speak to us about your options for your Commercial Property Investment.